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Friday, June 7, 2013

National Donut Day

I love National Donut Day!
Lizzard Loves....these boys and donuts!

This post is a follow up to an earlier one about just regular old donut day; which in my humble opinion is just as awesome as National Donut Day.

The reason I know today is National Donut Day is because of my earlier post :) It seemed only appropriate to bring 2 of my littlest donut lovers with me to one of my favorite bakeries in Chicago to celebrate this holiday. 

If you live in the Chicagoland area and you haven't been to Dinkel's, allow me to introduce you to one of the most fabulous old school bakeries we have! The atmosphere is great, the service is pretty slow, there is nary a hipster to be seen. If you go on the weekend, they offer the best Maple Bacon donut I've ever had! They do not skimp on the bacon crumbles; nor the maple icing. It is tremendously good! 

I should also mention that my littlest donut fans' favorite is the white fudge with sprinkles....I eat the "bread part" (which is what they call the bottom of the donut) because they only want the icing & sprinkles :) I happen to love the actual donut part of the donut......the little ones; not so much!

Lizzard Loves...Dinkel's Bakery
 I referenced Dinkel's in my last post, but I figured I should give them an official shout out- because I really love the place.

Donuts make me happy. National Donut Day is a wonderful reason to enjoy a great donut! Happy National Donut Day to you all!