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Friday, January 27, 2012

I love valentines (as in cards sent for Valentine's Day) I also love making my valentines, which I did today. Lastly, I love getting things done ahead of time- so the fact that it is still January and I've made my cards for Valentine's Day is a very good thing!
It shouldn't be a surprise that I love any excuse to tell my family & friends that I love them....and cute cards are a nice way to do it.

It does look like I used 2 different envelopes....I didn't....I just took a terrible photo of the front!
And- no- I didn't do the cool design on the front of the card....I only wish I knew how to do that! The cards came with the pattern on them :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cooking with friends

S'mores bars posing with Cheddar Chive scones
I love cooking with friends. Let it be stated (for the record) that I love cooking alone as well!
Some of the bonuses that come with cooking with a friend:
1. you get to hang out with your friend in your kitchen, which everyone knows, is the best room in the house.
2. half of everything you make leaves with your friend (so be comforted- I did not eat 1/2 the pan of s'mores bars)
3. its kind of free.....I mean, at least I didn't pay $7 for tea & a scone at a coffee shop....that is just good budgeting ;)
Thanks Sarah for a really fun afternoon.
If you want the recipe for the s'mores bars, I found it on Pinterest- here is the link:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just because gift- for me!

This is my new plant!
I love "just because" gifts!
Serendipity meant that 1 day after I posted about a "just because" gift for my brother- I received a "just because" gift that is really adorable!
Thanks to Mindy (my friend via volunteering.....which I also love) for such a cute addition to our condo!
Fingers crossed that I keep this little guy alive.....
Mindy gave the gift hoping to help cure my brown thumb.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just because gift

I love baking. I love being a little bit crafty. I love to give gifts.

(I guess it is fair to say....I also love blue and brown together!)

I made this gift for my big brother, just because.
I put homemade chocolate orange scones & homemade cherry walnut scones in a Ball jar with a hand stamped "keep smiling" lid. I made the gift tag a little better by adding the blue & brown paper strips to the bottom.