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Monday, August 31, 2015

A Brand New Catholic

Hennie didn't cry once during her christening! 

 Lizzard Loves little miss Hennie Penny, who was baptized just over 2 weeks ago. 

 I love that the same priest who married Hennie's parents christened her.
Proud parents, grandparents & Bro Small
So glad Brother Small was able to attend!

Time to ditch the gown :)
Surrounded by friends

I love that Hennie was christened wearing the same gown that her family has worn for approximately 100 years.
Proud Kobi & Marg with their littlest angel
Yum lunch!
Famer's Market Flowers for the day

I love that Hennie was surrounded by family & friends.
Bo Bo, Hennie, & Bump at lunch

I love that my sister & brother in law asked me to be Hennie's Godmother. What a huge honor.

Uncle Chris making epic paper airplanes for the boys
A wonderful day all around to celebrate the youngest member of our family! 
The 5 of us plus Hennie
Goodbye original sin, hello Catholicism :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Beer Making!

Chris rocking out on this beer first ever beer making!
Lizzard Loves Chris working in the kitchen!

Even if it is to make beer :) My sister & her husband gave Chris an "Everyday IPA" beer making kitchen from Brooklyn Brewing Co for Christmas and he just made it on Sunday!

Stay tuned to hear how it tastes - it will take several weeks before we know!
Love that his cookbook is already splattered with grain!

Multiple thermometers going - getting technical!
Now to get Chris more interested in cooking food.......I dare to dream :)