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Friday, April 6, 2012

Fresh produce delivery

 I didn't know it until this week, but I love getting fresh produce delivered to my doorstep!

I ordered a box of produce to be delivered after Chris & I had been away for awhile, figuring it would be a great way to restock our fridge& fruit bowl it worked fabulously. 

Our handwritten note from the delivery person

As a bonus, the delivery person hand wrote a note on a post it apologizing for my delivery box being dirty- who does that?? It was a gesture that likely took the delivery person a minute, but I was so impressed by it. 

List of the delicious stuff inside, plus a view of how dirty our box was :)

I love when people make the extra effort- it does make such a difference. The box was full of awesome stuff for us, and honestly- the perfect size for a couple; almost everything came in a pair. As the photo shows, the box was pretty beat up on the outside, but the items inside looked perfect.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Florida Sunsets

I love watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. 
My family has been visiting a small key in Florida for over 35 years (being the youngest- they were going well before I was around!) and it seems like we've always gathered at the end of the day to watch the sun go down together. It is so strikingly beautiful and somehow incredibly relaxing. 
I sometimes catch the sunset in Chicago, but it isn't quite the same; I can't watch it go all the way down to the horizon and although it is classic, the sun setting behind the El isn't quite the same as the sun setting over an ocean.
I really love the chance to have a lingering drink and watch something so stunning at the end of a vacation day.
Hope you enjoy some photos!