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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Breakfast in Bed

I love breakfast in bed.

Lizzard Loves....breakfast in bed

I hear the critics out there lamenting crumbs in bed, potential for spills, and the general sense that its going to make a mess (which means a lot more work in the long run if you're changing sheets, getting coffee stains out of pajamas, etc.). I hear the critics and I have breakfast in bed with blissful reckless abandon!

Chris & I tend to lead pretty active lives. Our alarm goes off at 5am on the typical Monday-Friday. It can be earlier to accommodate my bread baking schedule, or as late at 6am if we are willing to rush and still make it to work on time. Our early morning routine can make it difficult to sleep in on the weekends, which is usually absolutely fine by me. I love mornings (see this post if you want to read more on why!) so waking up at 6am on a Saturday or Sunday is generally great. 

But there is a small part of me that relishes slow moving lazy weekend mornings. Our lives are jam packed with obligations (both fun & not so fun) during the work week. We move pretty fast for long, full days. The indulgence of waking up, brewing coffee, warming some homemade scones, and climbing back into my still warm bed to read a book, or the Sunday Tribune, or just talk is almost overwhelming it is so good.

I love the chances I have to slow down and just be. 
Breakfast is bed is one of the times I am lucky to do just that.

For the record, I also love blue pottery mugs. I have started collecting them both at home and when I travel. They make me happy for no good reason.

The scones are Cheddar Chive & Dark Chocolate Dried Cherry;
they are easy riffs on this recipe I shared awhile back. If you want exact measurements or details on how to make these varieties- let me know in the comments!

I hope you have a chance this coming weekend (or week!) to slow down and enjoy some breakfast in bed. I know I am looking forward to it.

The "Uh Oh" Series

I love fixing my mistakes.

Lizzard Loves....the "Uh Oh" series of cards

Obvious, right? Mistakes stink.......fixing them makes you feel a lot better. I also love to make cards, which you likely already knew.

Combining these two loves created the "Uh Oh" series of cards! 

Lizzard Loves....the "Uh Oh" series
Sometimes you forget a birthday. Other times your thank you note is months delayed. There may even be times when you made a mistake in life that warrants a note to apologize for it. Perhaps you forgot your anniversary. Maybe you neglected to acknowledge the birth of a friend's baby. I may or may not have made these mistakes myself.

The beauty part? A handwritten note goes a long way to smooth things over. These particular handwritten notes may also make the offended party giggle.....its next to impossible to hold a grudge if you are giggling!

Let me know if you want to order any of the "Uh Oh" series, it never hurts to have a mistake eraser in your back pocket :)

Snuggle Me

I love my old Snuggle Me tshirt.
Lizzard Loves....this 16 year old shirt
I bought this shirt when I was in high school; lets say I was 16 - because I am quite certain I drove myself (& undoubtedly a woody-station wagon-load of my friends) to a thrift shop. For 1 tiny little quarter I bought the best tshirt ever. Bold statement,? Yes. True? Absolutely.

My Snuggle Me tshirt has been on every major "trip" I've been on .......Kenya, Tanzania, New Zealand, Brazil, Guatemala. Snuggle Me sometimes comes on vacations, but vacations are quite different from trips. A trip is hard work, it takes planning, lots of language barrier hopping, thoughts of safety, and is so worth it. Vacation can happen anyplace, anytime! No plans, no itinerary, no schedule, easy peasy. Snuggle Me is essential on trips, because wearing it is like getting a hug from my best friend. It is akin to my baby blanket; but far more socially acceptable for an adult to travel with a tshirt than a baby blanket, right?

The only problem with Snuggle Me? I am wearing it out. It is virtually see through, there is a serious hole in the back, a new hole forming on the front, and much of its blue-ness has faded to gray.

In swoops my wonderful husband. I recently celebrated my birthday & opened a new pair of pajama pants from Chris. They are lovely & perfect in their own right, but it was the 2nd gift bag in the "theme" that confused me. Chris told me that he needed to have the perfect pajama shirt to go with the new pants, and this is what he found. I opened the gift bag & pulled out Snuggle Me! My facial expression asked him "why did you wrap up my own tshirt for me?" before I could get any words out. Oops. I do not excel in hiding my thoughts & feelings - they tend to hop right out onto my face for all to see.

Only when I shook the folds out of the shirt did I realize it was not Snuggle Me.........there was no gaping hole in the back! It was a "new old Snuggle Me" in Chris' words! The wonders a thoughtful husband & some eBay searching can do! Who knew that Snuggle Me was made in 1983? Chris learned Snuggle Me was about 30 years old in his extensive research online.
Lizzard Loves...her old tshirt (left) and her new old tshirt (right)

I am now doubly comforted by Snuggle Me; because my stress about wearing it out has been alleviated by a back up shirt. Now that I am married, I don't need to rely on my adult version of a baby blanket as much, Chris gives an awful lot of comfort. The fact that he knows I need that tshirt version of a best friend hug & figured out how to offer it to more comforting than any tshirt could ever be.