Lizzard Loves Blue Sky Snow Covered Vail

Monday, August 29, 2016

Blueberry Pie (that turned out to be cobbler)

Lizzard Loves blueberry pie, or blueberry cobbler, or really most any kind of fruit pie/crumble/buckle/cake that she's come across!

I particularly love it when I am invited to join our neighbors' dinner party for dessert because (according to our neighbor) "you guys have been over here working so hard and we've just been being loud!" Chris & I truly won the neighbor lottery. Who rewards their neighbors for doing yard work on a Sunday night? Apparently our neighbors do! They reward us with lovely company, a homemade blueberry dessert that I think would qualify as a cobbler because it had a ginger biscuit topping rather than a crust. Oh &  it was served with about a cup & a half of fresh whipped cream which threw the whole thing straight over the top!! Their dessert became our dinner!! 

I also love that they had no issue with us coming over literally dirty from working in our muddy backyard. We looked worse for the wear to be sure & our neighbors were still willing to include us in their evening.

Bottom line: seems like we bought and moved into the right neighborhood for us. Very little pretense and people who share their desserts. Winning.

Just because it seems prudent; here is a recipe I found for a similar cobbler - this one calls for blackberries; though I think blueberries would be divine. Ice cream, whipped cream, whatever suits your fancy will compliment this dessert just fine!

Food for thought: invite your neighbors over, even if just for dessert. I can nearly guarantee they will be grateful!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Slumber Parties

Lizzard Loves when her 2 best friends (one who lives 12 miles away, the other 1423 miles away) both come over for a Monday night slumber party.

I love that we ate a rainbow sprinkle studded rice krispy treat with our cheese plate. 
I love that the laughter was almost continuous. 
I love that we are grown up enough to seriously discuss the hard stuff too. 
I love that no matter how much distance is between us, we will remain close. 
I love that we had a summery meal with the best corn & tomatoes around.
I love that Chris is happy to have dinner with 3 ladies.
I love that we are all old and wanted to go to bed even before we did. 
I love that we (because why would we talk about it) had 3 different kinds of dessert on a Monday night, not including the aforementioned rice krispy treat.
I love that in an ever changing world, it feels like some things never change.
I love that I got to share Tuesday morning coffee with my best friend who didn't need to get on a 6:45am flight back home. So rare is it to share your weekday routines with anyone other than your spouse. It felt like college, in a good way.
Bottom line: I love my best friends & am lucky to have them.