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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Giving Tuesday

Lizzard Loves Giving Tuesday!

I also loved shopping on Small Business Saturday, but there is something wonderful about clicking through some of my favorite non profits' websites & sending them bits of holiday cheer. In many ways, my small contributions might mean more to these organizations than my material gifts to individuals do! I have major warm fuzzies right now, which is really what the Christmas season is all about, right?

The following made my #GivingTuesday list:

Who made your list this year?? Tell me in the comments!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Chicago Marathon - 2015

Lizzard Loves running the Chicago Marathon, especially with Chris & especially whilst raising money for Special Olympics Chicago.

It was another beautiful fall day in Chicago, a touch too warm for our liking - though that meant that upwards of 2 million people came out to spectate! 2 million. Can you imagine?? It is an insane feeling having crowds of people line the course for at least 15 of the 26.2 miles of the course.

Thanks so much to all who came out to yell & cheer & give high fives. Plus the pretzels, especially the generous people with giant bins of pretzels. I partook of your generosity for the first time this year & it felt so good to eat real food out on the course.

Our pre & post race were simply wonderful thanks to Special Olympics Chicago. Our fearless team leader/coach/supporter extraordinaire, Susan Nicholl, covers every last detail so we don't need to think about anything other than showing up & running the race. 

To have family & friends take time out of their busy weekends to watch us do this crazy thing again warms my heart. It was a wonderful day in the most beautiful city in the world. Are you thinking about running a marathon? Consider Chicago. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Feeling excited & nervous prerace with the other members of
Team Special Olympics Chicago

Chris & I are ready to run!

So happy to see Timmy & Katie at mile 7ish
Hooray! Team Kearney was spectating just
before mile 10, big smiles for our family
coming out to watch.
Our 3 biggest little fans :)

SOC hosts a cheer station at mile 25.5, SO close to the finish!
We proudly carry our flags for the final push to the finish line.

Felt well enough at the finish line to take & drink (some of) the
free beer! I was in good company in my inability to finish
the pint!

We did it! #6 for me, #9 for Chris

Mom & Dad were waiting for us at our team headquarters.
So glad they came down to watch again this year.

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Brand New Catholic

Hennie didn't cry once during her christening! 

 Lizzard Loves little miss Hennie Penny, who was baptized just over 2 weeks ago. 

 I love that the same priest who married Hennie's parents christened her.
Proud parents, grandparents & Bro Small
So glad Brother Small was able to attend!

Time to ditch the gown :)
Surrounded by friends

I love that Hennie was christened wearing the same gown that her family has worn for approximately 100 years.
Proud Kobi & Marg with their littlest angel
Yum lunch!
Famer's Market Flowers for the day

I love that Hennie was surrounded by family & friends.
Bo Bo, Hennie, & Bump at lunch

I love that my sister & brother in law asked me to be Hennie's Godmother. What a huge honor.

Uncle Chris making epic paper airplanes for the boys
A wonderful day all around to celebrate the youngest member of our family! 
The 5 of us plus Hennie
Goodbye original sin, hello Catholicism :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Beer Making!

Chris rocking out on this beer first ever beer making!
Lizzard Loves Chris working in the kitchen!

Even if it is to make beer :) My sister & her husband gave Chris an "Everyday IPA" beer making kitchen from Brooklyn Brewing Co for Christmas and he just made it on Sunday!

Stay tuned to hear how it tastes - it will take several weeks before we know!
Love that his cookbook is already splattered with grain!

Multiple thermometers going - getting technical!
Now to get Chris more interested in cooking food.......I dare to dream :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our New Niece

Lizzard Loves..........Hennie!
Baby smile = bliss
It is tiring being 1 week old

My new niece came into the world almost 3 weeks ago and I am positively, totally in love! 

Proud Aunt & Uncle
I feel so lucky to have visited for Mother's Day weekend and spend it with Chris (obviously :) my sister, brother in law & their sweet baby girl.

Happy happy happy happy!
I hope some baby photos brighten your day!