Lizzard Loves Blue Sky Snow Covered Vail

Saturday, December 30, 2017


I'm only about 8 months late on this post...........:) but Lizzard Loves being a mom!
Chris & I welcomed our daughter Lulu to the world in the morning on April 25. She wasn't in any particular hurry to join us; she arrived 8 days past her due date. I was overcome with emotion when I met the bug for the first time- how could I possibly be so lucky?

Our little lovebug is perfect (of course I think so!) and has brought so much laughter & fun & poop & sleeplessness into our lives. 

Chris had paternity leave for the summer, what a luxury we had. Our family of 4 (don't forget the Owenn pup, who I'm pretty sure threw up on our bedroom floor at 4 this morning......I haven't looked yet....its still dark....) had a summer of our dreams. We explored around home, went to the beach, spent time at the Lake, visited family & friends near & far, saw the total solar eclipse and generally adjusted to our newest, littlest family member's presence in our lives.

How could I have possibly known how wonderful it is to be a mom? I was unprepared for the way simple moments with Lulu would bring me to tears, good, happy tears, but the overwhelming sense of gratitude is something that has stayed ever present. Perhaps initially this emotion was driven by the honest to goodness insane amount of hormones coursing through my body....but I am glad to report the emotion has stuck around, even as (thankfully) my body is returning to some new normal.

I hope you get to meet our sweet bug if you haven't already. You will likely be struck by her cheeks; strangers routinely stop to comment on them when we are out in the world!

Happy Saturday everyone, thanks as always for reading.