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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coffee from around the world

I love coffee.

I also love my sister (shocking I'm sure :). 

Organic Coffee from Nepal!
Returning from her trip to Nepal & Bali, my sister carried gifts galore, including some amazingly delicious organic coffee! I support eating locally - I know its good for me & the world, but coffee doesn't grow in why not try some from Nepal?? 

I bought the square glass container for my coffee grounds after my sister brought me the coffee, because I never know where to put the ground coffee........because the bag it came in is full of the beans! My coffee grinder only handles enough beans for 3/4 of a pot, but I like to grind more at one time. Enter my simple new container. 

How do you store your coffee? Do you grind it at home? I'd love any new ideas you all have!

I'm back to my coffee now; it is the best way I can start my day. Thanks again sissy for such a delightful gift from around the world.

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