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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I love fall.....part II

I love fall enough that it warrants a second post!
Lizzard Loves Fall.Walking on the Geneva Lake path
Lizzard Loves Fall. Fire in the fireplace. Perfection.

Lizzard Loves Fall. Jack-o-lanterns keeping watch from our place
Lizzard Loves Fall. Trick or Treat!

There is just something magical for me about fall;
the weather
the coziness
the hot drinks (spiked apple cider anyone?? I used Apple Pear Brandy last weekend and it was delicious)
the curling up by the fire, the chilly walks along the water
the Halloween costumes on my nephews & neighborhood kids
carving pumpkins & the resulting pumpkin seeds
making Pumpkin Pie Almonds (obviously I found the recipe on Pinterest- here is the link;
there are so many reasons this season is the best one there is. 

I hope you all are enjoying fall this year!

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