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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

King Cake

I love King Cake.
LizzardLoves.Beautiful, yummy, surprise King Cake

Pretty sure it stems from my school age years of taking French classes at school (and always participating in French Club). King Cake was a consistent part of the Mardi Gras/Carnival celebrations in my French classes and clubs.

This particular King Cake came via FedEx from 2 great friends who live in New Orleans. Chris and I got home from work and lo and behold, a big FedEx box was waiting for us! Oh my goodness a sparkling green, purple, & yellow circular cake was hiding inside! A fun and delicious surprise for us midweek.

LizzardLoves.KingCake.Slice with Baby
More importantly; I love thoughtfulness when it comes from people who (in theory) shouldn't have enough time or brain space to be thoughtful. Our friends who live in New Orleans are expecting their first baby (a BOY!) any day now (well0 tomorrow at the latest!)........I can't imagine how they are feeling - excited, nervous, and busy! It made my heart very happy to know that Chris & I were on their minds in some small way even in such an exciting time for their growing family.

And the cake was delicious- did I mention that already?? 

In case you're curious about the history of the King Cake, read this (I also love that I donated to Wikipedia this year.....I feel a lot better about reading their content constantly :): if you want to send your unsuspecting friends a King Cake, visit Sucre's website
Happy eating everyone.


  1. THIS IS SOOO COOL!!!! I literally just learned about King Cake last week when in NOLA :) Love love love love love

  2. I'm happy you are now in the know about delicious King Cake.....perhaps we can have some together come next year's Mardi Gras??