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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The "Uh Oh" Series

I love fixing my mistakes.

Lizzard Loves....the "Uh Oh" series of cards

Obvious, right? Mistakes stink.......fixing them makes you feel a lot better. I also love to make cards, which you likely already knew.

Combining these two loves created the "Uh Oh" series of cards! 

Lizzard Loves....the "Uh Oh" series
Sometimes you forget a birthday. Other times your thank you note is months delayed. There may even be times when you made a mistake in life that warrants a note to apologize for it. Perhaps you forgot your anniversary. Maybe you neglected to acknowledge the birth of a friend's baby. I may or may not have made these mistakes myself.

The beauty part? A handwritten note goes a long way to smooth things over. These particular handwritten notes may also make the offended party giggle.....its next to impossible to hold a grudge if you are giggling!

Let me know if you want to order any of the "Uh Oh" series, it never hurts to have a mistake eraser in your back pocket :)

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