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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Running Into Frozen Lake Michigan

I love submerging myself into frigid water whilst dressed as a banana.
Lizzard Loves running into Lake Michigan in March!
OK, that is a lie. 

The actual act of dunking myself in the sandy, 32 degree water of Lake Michigan was relatively awful. 

Lizzard Loves being out of that frigid puddle of water

I do love the craziness of it. 

Lizzard Loves friends old & new dressed as bananas
I love the fundraising for Special Olympics Chicago. It is such a great cause. I love that 20 of our friends & family members helped us raise more than $900 for Special Olympians in our area.

I love dressing up like a banana with my husband, best friend & a bunch of new friends. 

Lizzard Loves friends old & new dressed as bananas
I love that my husband & I borrowed 2 yellow turtlenecks & old school ties from my Dad to do this Polar Plunge.
Lizzard Loves borrowed clothes
 I love that #SwimmyFallon was goaded into participating in this year's Polar Plunge by our mayor. I particularly love the expression on his face as he exited the water.

Lizzard Loves Jimmy Fallon


  1. These pix are all framers. What a day! There's nothing* I would have changed about it. *LIES: I would have made the water warmer if possible. Ok, I would have made EVERYTHING warmer if possible ;) Can't wait till next year!! Thanks for making life so much fun :)

  2. Thank YOU for including us on team "crazy bananas"!! I am wondering if we could just keep the banana costumes going for next year........something to think about!