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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Popsicles on the stoop

I love summer.
I love the sun, the heat, the long days with daylight lasting past 9 o'clock. I love that the heat makes me slow down (because I pay the high price of pit stains & a bright red face if I do my normally fast walk anywhere!).
Last night Chris & I sat on our stoop and I had a popsicle. I adore the chance to sit in the heat of the night and catch the drips of my frozen treat. It simply is not as enjoyable to eat a popsicle in the air conditioned comfort of my home; I need to be hot to fully enjoy a popsicle.
Maybe I love eating popsicles on the stoop because it feels like an old fashioned thing to do. Perhaps people "back in the day" took more time to slow down and watch the world go by. I suspect people were just as busy back then as we are now; although they may have been busy with things like washing their clothes by hand- which I do not envy. It doesn't change the old timey feeling I get by plopping down outside my building in the dark to do nothing but enjoy myself. 
Our reality last night meant Chris getting home after 9pm, us eating a late dinner & sharing a delicious beer, and me requesting time on the stoop. Maybe I needed that time on the stoop because it made the dirty dishes wait to be washed, made Chris forget work for a bit, and made me savor my husband, my neighborhood & an icy frozen fruit filled popsicle.
Moments like those are reminders of why I love summer.

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