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Friday, June 8, 2012

Fruit Fly Designs

 I love my sister.

Fruit FlyDesigns Earrings-copper&silver

Perhaps that goes without saying, but it never hurts, right? I also love the fact that she is now a jewelry designer! My sister (Marg/Marge/Margie/Mage or just Margaret) recently launched her own jewelry company, Fruit Fly Designs! I am so proud of her, the things she makes are beautiful and all handmade by her! 

Fruit Fly Designs Earrings-copper&silver

As you can see by the photos, she focuses on natural materials, sterling silver, copper, leather, and a variety of stones. As of now, she is selling earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets (although I don't have any photos of the bracelets right now).

Fruit Fly Designs Necklace-silver & leather

Fruit Fly Designs Necklace Close Up (I'm wearing it right now!)

I visited my sister & brother in law last weekend and helped a bit with categorizing the jewelry and getting it organized for its official debut in July! Marg will be offering Fruit Fly Designs jewelry for sale at an artists' co-op in her town. The co-op opens in July, it is called Ally Bally Bee and I can't wait to visit again to see the jewelry amongst all of the other art for sale!

Fruit Fly Designs Ring - copper & silver

As if my sister's jewelry and the launch of her new business weren't enough; I also am the proud owner of all the jewelry shown on this post! My sister thought I gave her WAY more help than I did........she is so generous she gave me a bunch of jewelry for helping! Did I mention I love my sister?

If you are interested in buying some of my sister's beautiful jewelry 
(& how could you not be interested??......its awesome!)
 please email her at margaret(@) 
(I don't want her to get a bunch of spam- 
so I am not making the email address a hyperlink! Obviously do not include the parentheses around the @ sign if you want her to receive your email :)

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