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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sara Bareilles

I love Sara Bareilles.
This is a new found love- born out of a ridiculously fun & entertaining show she put on earlier this month at the Park West.

Lizzard Loves....Sara Bareilles playing piano
Things that I completely dug (in no particular order):
~her low key interaction with the audience
~her tour/album called "Brave" - we could all use some encouragement to be more brave
~the 100+ f-bombs she dropped throughout the show 
~her silly quirky self deprecating sense of humor
~the ridiculously awesome songs
~a strange table top accordion like instrument she played while she sang 1 song
~the cover she sang of "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" - she knocked it out of the park & made us all laugh at ourselves for our collective inability to whistle
~the facial expressions she made while she sang- like her emotions were drawn onto her face by a cartoonist!

Lizzard Loves....Sara Bareilles singing & joking around
My friend went to the concert venue 2.5 hours before the sold out show started to try to scalp tickets for us. I love the dedication she showed to this concert going effort!! (She had seen Sara Bareilles in concert before- so was far more in love with her/her music than I was). I loved our 4th row center seats & the friendly crowd that made it possible for my friend to save seats for us while still trying to buy a ticket for me!

 I was so happy to be there with a friend, seeing a new found love :)

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