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Monday, March 20, 2017

International Day of Happiness

Baking makes me happy. Irish Soda Bread & Irish Brown Bread.
Who knew there was an International Day of Happiness/Happiness Day?? 
Not me, until today!

How did I find out about this day? By catching up on reading some of my favorite blogs :)

So, in no particular order - here are some things that have been making me happy today & lately:

~Reading Pull Up A Chair, a fabulously written blog by Barbara Mahany. She is an accomplished writer, she is unequivocally positive, & her posts make me pause & smile every single time I read them.
Oatmeal Cherry Coconut Cookies. Yum.
~The suggestions from my big sister (who is quite a great baker herself) to try to copy a cookie she bought for my niece this week. It was apparently big enough that they shared the cookie! Oatmeal, Cranberry, Coconut. I found a recipe as a jumping off point and made some tweaks. The finished product is cooling on the counter which means I have a fresh baked cookie in my future. The text from my sissy made me happy, baking makes me happy, cookies make me happy. The tea I will have with the cookie is also a source of happiness.
~Coffee in bed 2 mornings in a row this weekend. Made by my husband & brought to me too. The same husband who fed & let the dog out so I could be completely, unabashedly lazy & stay in bed late. All of these things make me both happy & grateful.
~Making a donation to a food pantry that serves Syrian refugees (along with many others). Had been looking for a concrete way to support the Syrian refugees who find their way to our area. Have been looking for a way to feel less terrible about the closed door executive orders that have been coming out of the White House. Found the pantry on the blog mentioned above (Pull Up a Chair)
Scone ingredients. Triple yum.
~Having a neighbor who uses his snowblower to clear the sidewalk all the way down our block. It is such a nice treat to wake up to a beautiful, snowy morning & have half of your shoveling done for you. What a kind thing to offer your neighbors! For the record - I needed to do some digging to find out who the snowblower fairy was......I dropped off some pumpkin muffins & dark chocolate,walnut, & date scones as a small thank you for the effort. My neighbors make me happy, and not to be too repetitive, but baking makes me happy too.
~My mother in law's improving health. Amazing. After a really tough 2016, things are finally, blissfully, looking up for her. She has been going out to lunch & dinner, enjoying time with family & friends & hasn't been hospitalized in OVER A MONTH! Yippee, yahoo & yay!
~A text chain with my 2 best, oldest friends. Celebrating amazing news, laughing our faces off, dealing with the difficulties that accompany adulting, and simply staying up to date. This ongoing conversation makes me happy every time we strike it up.
~The early spring flowers popping up everywhere; particularly because they seemed to have no issue being covered by 8+ inches of snow last week.......the snow is gone - the flowers are not! 
~Living near my parents & my brother/sister in law/nephews & niece. It is so nice to be able to see them casually without plans, give hugs & get updates, lend things, borrow things, stay in touch because we're physically close. It makes me happy that we're only 15 minutes away.
~On a similar note - today is the first day of Spring! Yay! Summer is coming!

What is making you happy today? Or this week/month/year? I would love to know in the comments!

Happy International Day of Happiness!

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