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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beer Under Glass

Some of our food & beer relaxing on the lawn
 I love craft beer. 
I love Chicago's Craft Beer Week. I love tasting new beers while enjoying delicious food samples and looking at beautiful plants. That basically sums up the event Chris & I attended last week!
Beer Under Glass (held at the beautiful Garfield Park Conservatory, is the annual kick off to Chicago's Craft Beer Week and is just a blast!
Delicious beer- beautiful flower
 We tried a ton of great beer, our favorite (or at least my favorite) was from Haymarket Brewery ( Their Mathias Imperial IPA is a total mouth full & packs a punch at 10% alcohol by volume! They represented with delicious food too- kielbasa & bratwurst pictured above are both from Haymarket.
Even cacti like beer
The food competes with the beer for my attention every time we attend a tasting.....I guess I just really like to eat! City Provisions ( informed me in a facebook post that they were pulling 45 pounds of pork for the amazing sliders they provided. It made me so happy to know what they were bringing- because everything I've had from their deli has been great. The sliders were my favorite food at the event! A dill pickle slice, cole slaw & perfectly prepared pulled pork on a soft roll. They are not included in the photo above - Chris & I both ate them standing up immediately after we got them!

If you want more info about Chicago Craft Beer Week (still going's actually so awesome it stretches into a week & a half!) visit There are so many fun events with outstanding beers - how am I supposed to find the time to do it all?!?

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