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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Help from my husband

I love help from my husband.

Obviously.....but particularly when I am 1 thumb down. While celebrating New Year's Eve in Wisconsin, I sprained my thumb. I **did not** drunkenly injure myself! I fell down while cross country skiing at Kettle Morraine State Forest. Side note, if you ever find yourself visiting southeastern Wisconsin; take the time to visit Kettle Morraine (or "the Kettle" as our family affectionately calls it). It is a beautiful place full of tall hills, deep forests, and lakes. 
As per usual, I digress.

Chris not only helped me up from my fall, cheered me on while I skied the 1/2 mile back to our car from where I fell, and drove me to the ER.......but hasn't made fun of my really great looking hand wear this past week! 
Lizzard Loves...wearing my cross country boots in the ER!
Lizzard Loves...Swollen fingers and Freddy Kruger mask :)
Even more helpful? He was willing to learn how to braid my hair because I couldn't (& still can't) do it myself! As you may have heard, we are rocking some incredibly cold weather in Chicago (Chiberia, home of the polar vortex!) and in order to keep my head and ears warm, I have been rocking a hat nonstop since New Years. My crazy curly hair does not take well to being crammed into a hat; so I wrangle it into a braid to keep it from looking too ridiculous. 

There are many things you need 2 working thumbs to do, it becomes quite clear once you are lacking 1 of the 2. On Friday night though, the most pressing need I had was to get out of the house to go to dinner with a friend at Sepia (delicious, delicious place- absolutely visit it when you have time. Order & enjoy one of their craft cocktails and drink in the liquid thoughtfulness they offer. Don't skimp on your food order either- you will be increasingly happy with each passing course! Do not fault the restaurant for the fact that their website plays music when you visit. At least it is in keeping with their overall old school image!) Darn it, digressed again. 

Back to the helpful husband, who was more than willing to watch this video from Real Simple to help him learn. Look at what he did! New year, new skill for Chris!

 I was out the door on time, into the cold, but appropriately bundled up in my hat with my hair staying put :) 

Lizzard Loves my husband's help!
Mission accomplished. Thanks honey!


  1. I adore this post and all of your digressions. Well, really you in general. And of course, your hairdo'de'Chris :) Love you to pieces! XOXO

    1. Thanks Stace! I was really quite impressed with his newly acquired hair braiding skills! Love you a bunch my dear. Would adore seeing your 2014 face soon!