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Friday, January 10, 2014

Quiet snowy mornings

I love Chicago in the winter.

Lizzard Loves Snowy Chicago Days and Nights
I love the snow! I don't mind the cold, because I love bundling up in my warm clothes. I love the way a cold, snowy, gray day can inspire us to hunker down in our cozy apartment. But I also love going out to explore the quiet beauty Chicago has to offer while getting walloped by snow.

We had a great mix of the two during the snow storm precursor to the polar vortex's arrival which quickly turned our city into Chiberia.

We went to Gene's Sausage Shop to shop for stocking stuffers (we were somewhat belated in our Christmas celebration....) and I was struck again by how much I enjoy that store. If you haven't visited- please take the time to do so. It is a Lincoln Square institution, offers a crazy amount of delicious beer in the 2nd floor, makes & sells delicious soft pretzels, stocks a get selection of our favorite gummy candy brand Haribo, has a chocolate bar section that is literally amazing, to say nothing of the actual deli counter. The deli counter is chock full of encased meats, (it is a sausage shop after all :) plus a solid assortment of normal meat/cheese. Alas, fresh encased meat does not a stocking stuffer make, so we didn't venture there on our recent visit. Winter or not, quiet snowy morning or hot summer day; Gene's is worth a stop.

Lizzard Loves her husband,books & coffee
Next up, The Book Cellar, a local book shop. Shocking I know- but yes indeed- you can still buy honest to goodness books in real stores! I am embarrassed to admit after living approximately a mile and a half from this place (for over 5 years!) I didn't venture in until this past weekend. Major neighborhood fail on my part. I suppose better late than never applies in this case. Cozy chairs in the front window afforded us access to beautiful books and magazines along with the view of the snow swirling around outside their front windows. Hot coffee and friendly folks behind the counter rounded out a perfect neighborhood stop.

Finally home to celebrate Christmas with more coffee, a good breakfast, and an immense amount of snow.
Lizzard Loves "Christmas" breakfast at home

On a related note, has anyone else noticed (and/or appreciated) how much the snow brings out the city's friendliest side? I find that I chat much more to the waitress, bartender, & shop clerk than I do on a regular day. Many of you know that I am, by nature, quite chatty- so this is saying something! I notice it in other people too. Just walking around our neighborhood I am offered many more hellos during a snowstorm than I am on an average weather day. Maybe because the sidewalks shrink to a 12 inch wide passable stretch, or maybe we all join in the feeling of "we're all in this together", or maybe its something else entirely. Bottom line; I like being "in this together" with you Chicago. I am happy & proud to live here, even in the cold & snow, scratch that, especially in the cold & snow.

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