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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Unique friends

I love the postcard I got in the mail this week.
Lizzard Loves this postcard.

It made me so glad for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is I like the couple announcing their wedding VERY much! Chris & I went a far more traditional route in our engagement/wedding announcements and I was (& am) quite happy with how we did things. When I found this postcard in my mailbox though, I was reminded yet again of how many unique ways there are to do EVERYTHING!! I love that my friends did their wedding their own way, I love their cheeky postcard, I love them together as a couple. 

In a world where so many of us spend so much time fretting about what everybody else is doing, my friends postcard was a lovely breath of fresh (frigid) January air. As much as I can, I am striving in 2014 to be me, without the fretting, comparing, and worrying that I am sometimes susceptible to. I wonder if others have similar "resolutions" in 2014? Share in the comments if the mood strikes!

Cheers to my newlywed friends; to many many years of wedded happiness.

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