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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Unexpected Beauty

Lizzard Loves unexpected beauty.
So many pretty colors jammed in one tight little space!

I was struck by the shock & tangle of colorful wire in a junction box in our dining room. Our home is still majorly under construction & much of what is happening there is quite ugly.
Like the mud pit. 
Yeah. Our backyard is a mud pit wasteland!

Or the guy cleaning out the porta potty. 
Don't get me wrong - I appreciate it being cleaned, but
the process is pretty ugly.

But not this. This struck me as beautiful. Maybe it is all the color in a room that is now covered in white drywall including the ceiling (hooray for drywall by the way. Lizzard also desperately Loves drywall - it means we are inching ever closer to moving into our home). Maybe part of its beauty lies in the amount of work I saw go into wiring our house. Hours & hours of work by 3 great guys. The time from mid December to mid March was occupied by filling in the "guts" of our house - it was a slow process to install new plumbing, HVAC & electrical. There is a certain beauty in the almost finished product pictured above. If you want to read more about our "house to a home" project, we have a blog about it.

As per usual, I'd love to know where you have found unexpected beauty recently! Please feel free to share in the comments :)

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