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Sunday, March 20, 2016


Lizzard Loves to vote.
Only once - no "vote early, vote often" for this girl ;)

Why? Because in a year when I've felt really quite out of control in many ways; I can assert my opinions in a concrete way. Right there on paper, I connected the lines next to the candidates whose policy & plans I support. Slid that paper into the balloting machine, a couple quick beeps later & my voice had officially been heard! Democracy hinges on participation. We can not be apathetic in this regard - it is too important to assume "someone else is going to do it". We owe it to ourselves to take the few minutes out of our day to vote. It is a privilege that so many around the world hope, fight & pray for; don't squander it!

Now, please dear God, let this election season be over- its killing me! November can't come soon enough!

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