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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fig + Spinach Flat Bread

I love cooking new things.

I made a fig, herbed goat cheese, garlic herb feta, garlic, spinach flat bread last night for dinner. It was good! I think it is also kind of pretty! 
Thank you Trader Joe's ( for your delightfully easy pizza crust! I used their whole wheat, it costs something silly like $1.50 in their refrigerated section and is really abundantly easy!
I am curious if anyone has ideas for a "sauce" for flat breads/pizzas that don't match a tomato based pizza sauce........leave any thoughts in the comments if you have some. All I used was olive oil + fresh garlic & it didn't seem to have enough moisture.....other than that it was a success. A special thank you to Chris, the world's best food tester :)

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