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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Biscotti & Scones

I love baking. This much is likely already clear if you've been reading my blog! I also love biscotti & scones (both the baking & eating!)
Scones at the back, biscotti photographed pre-dipping!

I tried baking biscotti for the first time around Christmas 2011....and was thrilled with how easy it was! It is time consuming; but so worth it.
So, last Friday- in anticipation of Valentine's Day- I baked 2 batches! I did semisweet chocolate with hazelnuts (dipped in melted dark chocolate) and white chocolate pistachio (dipped in melted white chocolate). 
Chris & I hosted some friends for brunch over the weekend, so I also baked a batch of orange chocolate scones. I first tried baking scones in 2007 and it has been a slight obsession of mine since then! When I became the proud owner of a Cuisinart, it made cutting the butter into the flour mixture infinitely easier! Although, lets be honest- you don't need the heavy kitchen equipment! I was baking scones in earnest for 3 years before I was given a Cuisinart!
Please leave a comment if you would like either recipe! Happy Baking!

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