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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fresh flowers

I love fresh flowers. I love the way they brighten up our home (especially when it is dreary & really should be snow this time of year!) I love flowers as gifts from friends, family & Chris. We happen to be pretty much at capacity for fresh flowers in our condo........which is a most excellent problem to have! I hope the photos brighten your winter day!
A lovely hostess gift from Jeff & Holly (just for having them for brunch!)

I bought these for us...did I mention I love fresh flowers?

Really cool stripey roses Chris gave me for Valentine's

Hostess gift from my Mom- a nice treat (especially because she also brought the appetizer & dessert!)

Gerber daisies rocking out as my Valentine's centerpiece!


  1. You aren't kidding - you look like a florist!! (I love fresh flowers in my home too)

  2. Aren't they such a treat in the winter Nic? I hope you have some in your home right now!