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Monday, February 6, 2012

Our new (to us) kitchen island

I love to cook. I love it when my friends and family want to hang out in my kitchen when I cook. Alas, until this weekend, I couldn't offer them a place to sit down & have a cocktail (or a cup of coffee as the hour of the day may dictate).
I am SO thrilled to report; Chris & I are the proud owners of a kitchen island with stools! My Dad did 95% of the work on this project - he is the best! The cabinet was improved with the bead board sides and a fresh coat of paint. The top is bowling alley wood (long story where it came from :) and matches our kitchen so well! 
I love that we were able to use furniture we already had & modify it for our current needs. Here are some photos:


  1. so adorable!! whenever Daddy Kearney would like to venture to Ohio for more crafts (er, handy work) please let me know! Looks great:)

  2. Hahhahaha, I'm sure my Dad would love to help you with projects in Ohio Lauren! Its only 5ish hours in the car!