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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Handwritten notes

I love handwritten notes.
There is something so right about receiving a card or note in the regular mail. Don't get me wrong, I text, email, blog...(obviously), post on Facebook & occasionally Twitter, but none of those modes of communication have the ability to excite me anywhere near as much as a piece of actual mail.
I received this letter in the mail last week & I love so many things about it. We hosted our friends for brunch, and we got a thank you note! I love thank you notes. The best part is though, our friends have a little baby girl, are in the process of packing/moving, and they both work full time......needless to say they have their hands FULL.
All of that busy-ness did not prevent our friend from sending a note! Her cards & stationery were all packed, so she used what she had. I love the sentiment. I love the notebook paper. I love mail.

In case you are wondering; yes, this is hanging on our fridge!

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